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Adventures of Bella and Aubrey

A Jack Russell mix-breed dog, Bentley is an unwanted, frightened puppy who runs away because he is unwanted. He continues to believe through his struggles that some place, someone will give him his forever home. He struggles to learn to be a disc dog because he has difficulty remembering but he is a great jumper. Eventually, his determination paid-off and he becomes a world-champion disc dog.

Bentley The Dog Nobody Wanted

The perfect family time reading for all ages. Encourages children to have courage and to work hard to achieve their goals. Adults find this an inspiring story with tips on training your dog to be a disc dog champion. A Parent Reader’s Guide is included to encourage your child to make this book their own with stories about their pet friends. Also included training tips on becoming a disc dog like Bentley and basic obedience commands to use when training your pet. A portion of book sales is donated to benefit HART for Animals in Accident, Maryland.

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Another Book by this Author

Adventures of Bella and Aubrey–Finding a New Friend

On a beautiful day in Florida, Bella the lizard is with her mom searching for bugs to eat when she sees a human approach. Scared of humans, Bella hides under a chair. Aubrey is a little girl who loves being outside but wishes she had a friend to join her. Quickly becoming friends, they go on many adventures together including racing in the pool and exploring The Lizard Palace. Bella and Aubrey learn to face their fears and how to be a friend. Learn about lizards and how special they can be. A portion of all book sales is donated to benefit ASPCA of Ft Myers, Florida. A Parent Reader’s Guide is included to encourage your child to make this book their own with their stories of friends and animals.

For ages 3-8.

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