Bentley, the Dog Nobody Wanted is the quintessential children’s book. It contains a remarkable true story with positive messaging and is presented in a very entertaining way. Although I am familiar with Bentley’s history, the ending still brought happy tears to my eyes, and I hope his story will serve as a catalyst for many more successful canine adoption stories! I would have been delighted to read it to my kids (now grown adults) when they were learning to read and heartily recommend it.”

—Peter Bloeme, Skyhoundz

“This book brings the reader awareness of unwanted pets and the responsibilities of owning a pet to young children, our next generation. Bentley, the Dog Nobody Wanted makes is fun to read, mixing the anticipation of Sir Bentley’s story throughout, along with the fun of visiting Uncle Ray’s farm. Hopefully children reading this book will jump-start a better appreciation for our animal friends and make the future brighter for our pets. Another valuable message in the book is that being “different” is okay and that everybody has a different style of learning. This book can help adults recognize there are different approaches to teaching our children. Great children’s book, and I as an adult enjoyed reading it; I would have also looked forward to hearing it as a bedtime story or reading it on my own as a kid.”

—Melanie G., dog owner and dog lover

“Like the first book, Adventures of Bella and Aubrey, Finding a New Friend, this is a heart-warming story with a compelling message—a must read for parents and children.

—Bill Sever, educator

“I received the book, Bentley the Dog Nobody Wanted and I had to sit down right away to read it. It is such a wonderful story. I loved it. Hopefully, you will continue to write books about the Adventures of Bella and Aubrey.”

—Karen Gallo, New Jersey